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  • This bi-weekly podcast will highlight the miraculous and transforming power of the love of Jesus for those who choose to believe.

  • From the comfort of your own home, you can now access teaching that will help you transform your life.

  • Lauren has written two books that will help you draw nearer to the Creator and truly take Him at His word.

Hi I'm Lauren

Welcome! Thanks for visiting me.
I am passionate about faith in Jesus and the transformation it brings. The best decision I ever made was over twenty years ago when I surrendered all I was to Him. His love has never failed me. As I become all God created me to be, I am thrilled that the Lord allows me to co-labor with Him to build His Kingdom by bringing others deeper into His overwhelming, relentless love.

I love to help others see that they are capable of living and loving like Jesus – walking in miracles and bringing the Kingdom of heaven to all they meet – once they accept that this type of abundant life is a promise, and already fully theirs in Christ through His Spirit.

Freedom is available today, right now, for those who are willing to believe a good God over the lies of this world and the enemy. I am here to guide and support you to help you realize your dreams!

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What Readers Say...

  • Called: A Firebrand - Filled with Wisdom! This book is filled with reminders about who we are as God's children. Spurring us on to step out in our gifting and overcome. Explanations as to why we as believers walk through trials and are refined by fire. God is making all things new and raising up His people to do great things in this generation. Be prepared to highlight every page.

    Jessie B. Artist, Owner The Funky Farmhouse
  • Called: A Firebrand - Wow! I could go on and on! This message that Lauren was given by the Holy Spirit is one that I have felt in me my whole life! Reading the words in this book brought it to light for me! I felt as if everything I have lived and observed and felt all these years was coming together and jumping off the page at me! I pray this message gets into the hands of all those called to be a firebrand! May the firebrands in this generation rise up out of the flames with a holy passion from the Holy Spirit to set the world on fire for truth and love in Jesus Christ!

    Heather B. Founder, Truth:freedom MInistries

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