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I've been married to Julian for 30 years. I fell in love with Jesus in March of 1996, just after having our third child. Niko, Kyle, and Chloe are now all Jesus-loving adults. Thanks to Niko and his beautiful wife, Trayce, I get to be Ama to the two best grandbabies ever created.

Words That Are Just So Me

Firebrand, Jesus Chaser, Passionate Worshipper, Word Lover, Storyteller, Quipster

Possible Addictions

Black Coffee. Dark Chocolate. Cheesecake. Laughter. Quick Wit. And Commas.

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Hi, I’m Lauren Stoenescu, and I am so happy you’ve visited me today.


I love to help others see that they are capable of living and loving like Jesus – walking in miracles and bringing the Kingdom of heaven to all they meet – once they accept that this type of abundant life is a promise, and already fully theirs in Christ through His Spirit.

I am passionate about faith in Jesus and the transformation it brings. The best decision I ever made was over twenty years ago when I surrendered all I was to Him. His love has never failed me. As I become all God created me to be, I am thrilled that the Lord allows me to co-labor with Him to build His Kingdom by bringing others deeper into His overwhelming, relentless love.   read more…



In Passionate Pursuit of the Manifest Presence of God Because Adulting is Hard


I have found...

the simplest of prayers in a moment of vulnerability can open a door to a whole new understanding of God. His character, and His Being. This book was written as I journeyed into the answer of one of those prayers. I woke up one morning and suddenly knew, I needed more. I craved more of I AM. I told Him that I wanted to abide in His manifest presence, and all that that entails. I wanted to daily, moment by moment, live in the unmistakable, palpable presence of the living God. I asked Him to show me how. I asked for the abundant life that He promised. I was no longer satisfied with anything the world offers. Suddenly I found myself consumed by a passionate pursuit of my Creator. My Creator God, not the God the world thinks they know. And as it turns out, not the God that many in the church think they know. I pursued the God of righteousness and found that He is also the God of goodness, joy, and laughter. He is generous beyond words and relational beyond our wildest dreams. Certainly, more than I could ever have imagined. There is always more to Him than we can grasp.

An Invitation

When I was young and knew everything, long before I had any relationship with Jesus Christ, I had a motto. I would tell people that I was always happy but never satisfied. Today, I state it to His glory. In my relationship with Jesus, I am always happy, but I will never again be satisfied. Since He is the God of Always More, I will seek His more. I will spend my life in passionate pursuit of Him. Won’t you join me?

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