Their Future and Our Hope

I love kids. I always have. I remember being 16 years old playing with my nieces and nephew and longing for the day that I had my own kids. They are a source of joy like no other. Unless the joy and hope, usually innate in children, has been stolen from them by the enemy in hopes of destroying the incredible potential that each, made in the image of God, carries. Lately, these are the kids my sights are set on. These are the kids He keeps pointing out and breaking my heart over.

Holy Spirit has taught me so much about myself in the last few years and I can’t help but ask Him how I can use what I now know. I want these kids to know their Creator. He is love and what He creates is always good.

The Lord keeps saying to me that I should bring Jesus, our only hope, to the hopeless and create a net for the kids falling through the cracks.

I have no idea what this even means let alone what it will entail. To be completely honest, I don’t even know where to start. I’m just taking every small step He puts in front of me, hoping that in the end, I’ll find myself exactly where He wants me to be. And I imagine that’ll be in a place surrounded by kids with beaming smiles, filled with Holy Spirit, and walking toward their amazing Kingdom destinies.

This past weekend, I took one of those small steps with friends that God is also calling to the frontline of this battlefield. We went to A Future + A Hope conference here in Austin. It was put on by Fostering Hope Austin. The fact that the word hope is in both of those titles was not lost on me. Jesus is the only hope for fixing this broken world. There are far too many hopeless kids in Texas and it’s time for the Church to rise up. We carry hope and we change the atmosphere of every situation and circumstance when we dare to step into it. From my viewpoint, it looks like those of us who are filled with the Spirit of God only need to humbly say “Yes” and God will do the rest. But maybe that’s just my gift of faith talking. Maybe we’ll need to be brave too. Maybe there will be sacrifice and commitment involved. Maybe we have to be willing to have our hearts hurt, see the gross messes, and still believe for the impossible.

Maybe we, you and me, have to believe that our Creator loves us and what He creates is always good. And we have to take that good (us) and decide to shift this culture. The enemy attacks what he is most afraid of and the enemy is hellbent on destroying our children. He hates the joy, innocence, and power to change the world that they carry. The attacks have become so blatant in these last years. He is working through media, social and otherwise to steal their innocence. The thing that blows my mind is how connected things like abortion, sex trafficking, drug addiction, juvenile offenses, and homelessness are to foster care. It’s like this horrible puzzle/game where the enemy has connected all the dots and once you step into it, it’s almost impossible to stop playing and get out. Someone on the outside needs to be willing to pull you out!

Statistics prove this all stems from the breakdown of the family. The family is a heavenly creation. An intact, healthy family is the ideal situation. It’s been proven that relationships are the healing balm to wounded souls.

Do you have a family you can share with the broken? I know I do. Sometimes it’s just as simple as connecting, opening up our lives and hearts, to people who need friends who will become family. There are so many avenues available for believers to bring Jesus to abandoned, forsaken, hopeless children. One brave person at a time, more added daily, and we can, no we will, see the Spirit of God transform this broken world system. We all know that Jesus loves the little children. Hopefully, that song will continue to play over and over again in your head as a reminder. Because He is calling His army to go to battle for them now. There is no time to waste.

Lord, show me what you want to do through me and how to do it. I say “Yes!”

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