A Painful Reality: God Knows Best


I love to dream, to envision, and to plan for a future that doesn’t look all that much like the present. Sometimes I wonder why God doesn’t take my advice on how things should play out in this world.

I assume He must have been impressed with the birthday parties that I’ve thrown for my kids over the years. And Chloe’s graduation party 2 years ago, I mean seriously, that took some foresight and planning and the result was truly wonderful.

I’m a planner, a good planner, of all the fun stuff anyway.

And I mapped out a fun, stress-free future that would be absolutely amazing to live out if He would simply answer my prayers exactly the way I want Him to and right when I ask.

I’m sure you are nothing like me.

I say I trust God and then I tell Him what He should do next in my life as if I’m the one that is all-knowing.

I tell Him I want more of Him and then pray for ease and comfort all the while knowing that the times I’ve felt His presence the greatest were in my times of need.

I’m a really confused human being.

Life can be extremely hard so I want Him to make it easy and enjoyable. But I also want more of Him and only Him. I don’t want to be a lover of this world or anything in it.

I want to live for Him and serve Him but I want to do it my way. I want all my problems to vanish and never return even though past problems and life’s difficulties are the very things that have made me a tolerable person. I mean, let me be honest, I wasn’t looking to serve anyone other than myself before Jesus pulled the rug out from underneath me.

I want to cling to Him and live in the shadow of His wing. But I also want to soar on wings like eagles.

I remembered something in the last few days though, something that I’m going to try hard to stop forgetting. There is a difference between a difficult life lesson allowed by a loving God and a battle that only the enemy of our souls wants us entangled in.

How do we tell the difference? It’s deep down in our core that we sense it. We have to be sensitive and quiet. We have to listen… do we hear a kind and gentle conviction that something needs to change? Because it’s His kindness that leads us to repentance. Or is it a condescending voice, even a thought, that makes us feel bad about who we are? That my sweet friend is the enemy.

When we walk in pride and refuse to trust God with our overwhelming circumstances, when we display a critical or condemning spirit, and when we compare our lives to others’ which opens the door for discontentment, we are the ones who allow the enemy access to sift us. God knows that in the end it will be for our good; Satan hopes that it will simply be our end.

The enemy will use anything he can to knock us for a loop. He may even use truth but he’ll bash us over the head with it until we finally agree with him that we are useless.

Life may be hard but the enemy works tirelessly to make it harder than it has to be.

We don’t have to run from any lesson God has for us. We can trust Him.

God’s love for us is audacious and risky. He laid himself bare, arms stretched wide, willingly taking the punishment for many who would never even think to recognize His sacrifice. What more could He have done to prove His love?

He knows the beginning from the end, our beginning from our end. He has a plan and there is no doubt that it is the best plan for you and for me. He opened up each of our books and wrote our stories, knowing our character because He created us.  He knows what difficulties will best mold us into the image of His son. He is more concerned with our holiness than our happiness because His desire is to spend eternity with us. He loves us dearly and He is worthy of our trust. He is the only one who will never ever let us down.

If He doesn’t do everything my way then maybe, just maybe, my way doesn’t lead to where He wants to take me. And His way is best. It has to be because He is the embodiment of love. There is no greater love than God’s love for you and me.

The battle on this earth is His and He fights for you. The battle for your mind is the only fight that is solely up to you to win.

Trust that God is in every situation! Stand up tall while you persevere through the difficulties. Hold your head up high because you know whose you are. Trust Him and God will show Himself trustworthy.



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  1. Lauren Stoenescu

    I’m so glad that this post spoke to you, Giselle! I feel like I had my own little epiphany when I wrote the line about our battles on earth being a His to fight and the battle for our mind being our fight. Sometimes I am actually just writing to myself. Haha.

    Also, thanks for making a comment!

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