Building True Community

Surely I trust that I will see the goodness of Adonai in the land of the living. Wait for Adonai. Be strong, let your heart take courage, and wait for Adonai.

Psalms 27:13‭-‬14 TLV

My heart is wrestling with something and in the midst of this struggle I’m determined not to become cynical. I’m interested in knowing if anyone else is feeling this as deeply as I am?

If you lived day-to-day with me you would see that I am living in peace. The world is in chaos but my life is not. I’m good! I know that God is doing something amazing in the middle of this world’s shaking. If you’ve ever gone through a remodel then you know that things have to be torn down before they can be made beautiful. As far as I’m concerned the church, for one, needs what is happening right now. The Church needs to clearly see who’s who among us and this all-out crazy is showing us.

I am not mad at people who don’t believe as I do even if their beliefs are detrimental to this country. Frustrated at times? Yes. I am also saddened and disappointed that people they don’t know personally like the mainstream media can have much more influence on how and what they think than people they actually know and supposedly love. But I also understand that if someone doesn’t have a biblical worldview there is no way that we’re going to agree. We’re each heading in different directions so obviously we’re following different maps.

As I was doing the dishes last night, I was thinking as I often do. I realized these last few months have altered what I now consider the most important virtue in those in my inner circle. I used to want people around me who were fun and made me laugh. As I got older I looked for people who I viewed as wise in the things of the Lord. And while those things are still good and necessary, I now see the importance of surrounding myself with people I can trust.

In times of trial, tribulation, wars, and persecution those who can be trusted to have each other’s backs will together weather any storm. No outside influences will be able to divide them. We know that this is a key to survival since the Bible tells us that a house divided against itself will fall.

I am by no means saying people who disagree can’t be trusted. In fact, people who speak the truth in the face of adversity are the most trustworthy in my opinion. I want people around me who are willing to speak the truth but that truth has to have its foundation in the Word of God. It has to be backed up by the Person of Truth, Jesus.

People with relational equity shouldn’t be arguing for the sake of arguing. I believe when people have a relationship, a discussion not an argument, should take place but in humility and with the desire to learn from each other. If it’s important enough to argue about then it’s important enough to sit down face-to-face over a cup of coffee and hash it out. Period. Social media is the worst place to argue followed closely by texting. And if there is no relationship then why bother at all?

Bottom line: I believe in the days ahead it is going to be extremely important to find our people, the people who will have our back no matter what happens. We need to build an inner circle of loving, caring people who are family by commitment if not blood. It is more important now than at any other time in my life to build a community of people who are willing to share their time, protection, and resources with each other. Since there is a very real possibility things will continue on this difficult path we’re currently on. I think the ideal community should look like the 1st Century Church.

2020 has shown me that I was a bit naive as to who I thought those people were and that’s actually a good thing. Because I have time to find those I trust and who trust me and we will build something strong that will weather the coming storm. I understand this statement better than I ever have: Hindsight is 2020!

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