Can you see it?

Christians, we are all part of the body of Christ, His Church. We need to get this. We need to see ourselves as one.

The reason I know that we don’t get it is that sometimes I feel punished because some of my close friends and I worship in different fellowships. Since I do not go to their church, they don’t have much time for me. The majority of their time is spent on those who worship with them. I only get crumbs from a meal made for others far more important than me.

At least, that’s how it feels.

Is this how our unbelieving neighbors feel when they witness church people hanging out, and only focused on each other?


Punished for thinking differently? Punished and ostracized for having a different view even when they don’t fully understand the difference?

Often people are hurting but can’t articulate the problem. They push others away, sometimes even God, because they associate them with the hurt. We should never, even unknowingly, be part of the problem. So many of us don’t know how to open up and just say what we need, mainly because we don’t even know ourselves what it is.

We absolutely are to care for the Church, to love each other well, but to care for THE Church, not our church. There is no such thing as “my” church. Just the thought of someone saying that makes my stomach turn. There is one Church and it is His and His alone.

This problem seems to stem from an error in our foundation, and that is pastor-led churches rather than the biblical foundation of apostles and prophets. Pastors gather it’s what they do. More often than not though, they gather people around their own vision whether they mean to or not. We need to stop serving the vision of one man unless that man is Jesus.

Because I’ve seen this issue and now feel the pain it causes, I recognize how important it is to find a way to take our activities, our lives, out of the building and into the streets.

We are to love the Church and at the same time be the light of the world but this will never happen if we keep being so cliquish. If we can’t even make time for brothers and sisters who don’t worship with us, how are we ever going to make time for unbelievers so they feel welcome to be a part of our lives? And they need to be a part of our lives to see who we really are and what we’re actually about. They need to see our faith in action, our peace in turmoil, and our love unfailing before they are ever going to ask us the reason for our hope. The world needs our influence now more than ever.

Don’t read this wrong, I’m really just talking to myself. I’m processing out loud. I’m not angry and I don’t have a scowl on my face. If anything I’m just sad. I’m feeling something I haven’t felt before and I’m receiving revelation about it. I’m also taking inventory and deciding what in my life needs to change. How can I be a better, bigger, brighter light in the world?

As one body, we must care for each other in and through relationships and outside of organizations. Individuals matter, not organizations. People matter! God forbid our attitude about “our church” becomes the very thing that causes people to run from God.

Lord, open our eyes!

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