Covid19 and Living Your Best Life Now

I write to true believers, the remnant, the Bride of Christ. Anyone else reading this may feel the title and the post to follow are ironic or even moronic. I’m fine with that, to them it probably is.

History has taught us that when the world is in chaos there are always a few among us who shine and stand out as leaders.

My personal history has taught me that when all hell is breaking loose around me the more I’m rooted and grounded in Christ, the easier it is to weather the storm. And always, without exception, when all is said and done I will chide myself for not having had more faith. Why was it so hard to ask for God’s perspective and trust that He is fully and unflinchingly in control.

With each trial, I’ve held a bit more ground. I’ve believed and trusted a smidgen more, but never enough. In the aftermath, I ponder what I could have accomplished if I had just believed more in the goodness of God? Trusted more in His sovereignty? Lived by the proper heavenly perspective?

Often it seems that through chaos strong men and women are made. But in reality, it was their past difficulties that made and formed them. It was the trials that they’ve gone through that taught them God can be trusted and the world doesn’t have the right answers. That God is faithful always and they should be too.

As I write this, God is still on the throne. He can’t be pushed off. He won’t fall off. He remains on His throne through all of eternity and reigns on high from the heavens. He is genuinely involved. He is directing and arranging. He will take unfathomably good care of His own. God is good. God can be trusted.

Not just attempting to believe this to be true but actually knowing this is true will affect how each of us responds to this strange time we find ourselves in. We each individually need to hear from God on what our response should be. We each need to do as we’re told, not by government, but by God. He is not silent at times like these. He may whisper but only with the intention of drawing us near.

We are alive during the most amazing time. This may not look like it to some but it is without a doubt a mighty move of God. As you self-isolate I suggest you keep the television and radio off. Take a break from social media. Read your Bible when you wake up and before you go to sleep. Increase your amount of quiet time with the Lord. Dream with Him about the future. Spend time with your family. Check on your neighbors.

Pull out a cookbook and make meals that you don’t normally have time to make. Sit down together around the table. Eat. Talk. Play games. Laugh. Sing. Reconnect. Enjoy each other. Breath. Take a walk. Read that book you bought months ago. Finish that project you’ve been meaning to get done. Don’t worry about next week or next month. Just enjoy this time off of work. Savor this time with family. God will provide. God sees you and me. He knows our needs. He is not too busy to care for us. The more we trust His goodness the more He’ll prove our faith!

Most importantly, if He tells you to do something, do it. Don’t listen to the world. Don’t reason your way out of obedience. Don’t fear. Just do what God says. Who knows, you may find through this global crisis that you’re among those called to arise, shine, and lead.


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