He’s Kind of a Big Deal

It was in a dream one night that the Lord told me that something terrible was about to happen. The next morning, I couldn’t remember any specifics, but His message remained clear. Whatever it was, He had it under control and everything would be fine. So, when the phone call came later that morning from my sister Lisa, I took the news of her brain tumor better than she had anticipated. I also told her that everything would be okay because God had already told me so.

Not surprisingly, the Lord had already given her the same message.

My sister and I live 1500 miles apart and I couldn’t be there for her immediate surgery. I prayed from a far and trusted in the Lord of all comfort.

She came through it and began to heal quickly. It wasn’t until two years later that she admitted to me that the tumor had been cancerous. She didn’t even speak about it at the time. She trusted God’s whisper over anything the doctors threatened. She went through radiation treatments because 7% of the tumor couldn’t be removed and she knew God told her to take that step. She didn’t want to, but she’d heard God on the matter. God’s Word was her future, not the words of mere mortals.

Lisa, without realizing it, was making a bigger deal out of her God than the problem she faced.

Seven years have passed, and she’ll be the first to tell you that it changed her life for the better. She told me recently that she would choose to go through it all again if she had the option. She came to know our creator God in a way she had never known Him before.

I was thinking about trials the other day, mine and other peoples, when the Lord dropped these words into my spirit, “make a bigger deal out of me than your trial.”

Few of us do this naturally.

Some of us have a need to be lavished with sympathy. It just feels good to have people coddle us. Other’s love to hear people say how amazing we are for handling all we do. So, we make sure they know. Still others are bound up by a spirit of drama that convinces us that we will be validated by the trial. That it makes us important. This person may take it as far as finding their identity in this drama. Sadly, these are some of the ways an insecure person gets their much-needed attention. Drama can make a person feel important when the world tells them they aren’t.

All these responses come from a sin problem, namely pride. When we do anything based on what others will think about us, we’re acting in pride. Sin is how the enemy gains power in our problems. You see, our sin gives satan the legal right to sift us. Which means we make the problem much worse when we respond out of sin.

In my walk I have seen amazing miracles when I did just what God said, focused my eyes on Jesus and not on the problem. When I settle it ahead of time that my God is bigger than any issue or struggle I face, amid each problem God shows up and proves me right. Whether the issue has been health, financial, relational, or even technology related. God is bigger than anything we face, and He has the answer.

In your trial, worship God, it’s a declaration of warfare on the enemy. When we choose to celebrate our mighty God, proclaiming Him and making Him known, the situation begins to lose power over us. Don’t look for validation, sympathy, attention, or identity in your problem. Everything you need is found in Jesus.

We are not our circumstance and we are not our diagnosis. The words we speak about the situation truly matter. Speak from a Kingdom perspective, speak life. Do not give the situation more verbal attention or authority than it deserves. We are children of the Most High God. A God who is more than capable of magnifying Himself, making Himself as big as we see Him.

Always, always, always make a bigger deal out of the God of the universe than whatever giant you are facing!

We need to surround ourselves with friends who believe this way and who can remind us of this truth when we find ourselves in the midst of a storm. It’s so important that we let the faithful speak into our lives and choose not to listen to those who don’t walk by faith. No one, absolutely no one, knows what the future holds except the God who created you. This same God loves you like you can’t even imagine. Trust in this love over everything else. His love is real, far more real than the storm.

Peter did the impossible until He took His eyes off Jesus. He actually walked on water until he focused on the wind, began to doubt, and then sank. The Bible tells us that nothing is impossible for God and that if we ask for anything in His name, which is His character, it will be done. Keep your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of your faith, and one day you just might find yourself doing what the world says is humanly impossible.




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