Identifying the Real Issue

There’s a lot of conversation these days about fear and how it can stop us from walking out our purpose. I agree that fear can suck the adventure and life out of life. But so can doubt.

I think doubt beats most of us more times than fear. Because doubt is more subtle and sneaky. Doubt creeps in at just the right time. Like when we think of something nice to do for someone. Or at least it does for me. As quickly as the thought appears the doubt follows. What if my offering, whatever it may be, isn’t good enough? Maybe someone else could do better or offer more? I’d like to visit so-and-so but what if I’m just bothering them? I’d like to have them over for dinner but my house, my cooking, my whatever isn’t much to offer.

If I spend any time at all entertaining these thoughts, more will follow. Until I’ve talked myself out of every good idea I ever have. Then I’m left with only a bunch of I-was-gonnas and I-should-haves. No joy, no companionship, no encouragement, no life in my life. The old adage – it’s the thought that counts – isn’t true. I’ve had plenty of great thoughts but if I don’t follow through and make them happen how could they possibly count?

Recently I’ve been intent on recognizing these doubts and choosing to ignore them or even fight back. I’ve decided to become a woman of action. Sometimes I’ll find myself yelling loudly, “Shut up, Doubt! You’re not the boss of me! I can and will do this!” It works but is also the main reason I try not to get good ideas in public.

I’m a woman of ideas, and they come easy to me. It’s the implementation of those ideas that’s a little more work. One of the most frustrating things I’ve experienced is when I have a great idea, then let doubt talk me out of it, and eventually see that someone else did exactly what I had intended to do. They succeed where I let doubt lie and steal from me. What about you, have you let doubt steal the good from life? Isn’t it time we grabbed a hold of our ideas and enjoyed stepping out and taking a risk? Isn’t it time that we stopped believing doubt is wise and started believing that the mind of Christ in us is. After all, isn’t faith also spelled R I S K?

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