Let the Adventure Begin

Clear blue sky, light breeze, and only 80 degrees, Thursday was basically the perfect fall day in Texas. A day that begs to be spent at the park; so my son, grandson and I obliged. Little Bear loved the slide, and since his momma wasn’t there to stop us we decided he should try it on his own.

Sliding is his forte. He owned that thing. He was Born to Slide, you might say.

And so he got me thinking about “owning” things.

I’m not sure if it’s an innate or taught trait but there are people who move to a new home, get a new job, or start going to a new school and their immediate tendency is to “own” it. The new neighborhood or town, the new office complex, whatever it is that’s new they just step into it and make it their own. They find their new favorite coffee spot or lunch place nearby and fairly quickly it seems like they’ve lived there forever. They aren’t shy or reserved about it at all. It’s like this world was made for them. 

And then there is me and my kind who take eight years before we get up the gumption to check out a nearby park.

Now, if I felt like defending myself, I might tell you that since we’ve moved here I haven’t had any little, park-type kids. But I’m not making excuses today. No, today I’m going to talk about why it’s important to “own” something ourselves. I’m also going to stop using all the quotation marks because I can tell you’re getting irritated with me. 

As I was saying, it’s full on owning something that makes that thing real and important to us. Owning something brings us familiarity, comfort, and makes us feel confident. It gives us the feeling of belonging. It can help us see that we are needed and have purpose. It helps us feel like we fit in and are a part of something. 

Also, if you ask me, there is a strength and attractiveness in the bold owning of something. Whether it be your beliefs, opinion, or your situation.

So if you’re not the owning type, I’m here today to convince you to decide that there is one particular thing you need to own and that you should own it as if your life depends on it. Because, it kind of does.

And that one thing is, your faith life.

Owning your faith is to live a life worthy of the calling you have received as Paul tells us in Ephesians 4:1. It’s taking possession of it. It’s jumping in with both feet and never looking back. If you’re going to call yourself a Christian then be the boldest, bravest, most loving Christian you can be. Hold fast to all of God’s Word, you don’t have to understand it or even agree with it yet, but you do have to live by it because that’s what being in Christ requires. 

I remember talking to my dad once about the Lord, and I said something in reference to my God, only because I recognize Him as my personal and intimate God.

“My God?” he asked. “Is He no one else’s God, just yours?”

I was just owning my faith and my relationship with God, yet it intrigued him.

“Aren’t you “my dad”, even though you are Richard, Pat, Dennis, Ron, Linda, and Lisa’s dad too?”

He couldn’t argue with that and a seed was planted.

Owning your faith will do that. It’ll get people wondering, start conversations, and make people around you think.

Listen, this isn’t just some pep talk. I’m not just typing this in hopes that you get encouraged and maybe the warm fuzzies.

Think about this. Jesus came to this earth, he humbled himself, took the form of a baby. He chose a poor family, over royalty, to grow up in. The King of Kings had his diaper changed by a lowly human. He – God – allowed himself to be taught to walk, talk, and eat by his own creation. He lived a sinless life even though he was tempted and suffered as we have. Beaten beyond recognition, He willingly went to the cross, to die for you and for me by the most tortuous death humans had devised. And in John 10:10 He says He did it all that we may have life, and have it to the full.

He is telling us to own it and we owe Him at least that much.

Let’s be the kind of people that deserve a high-five from God as we slide into heaven. Out of breath, a little sweaty, and with a huge grin on our face because we know that we owned this faith life. We didn’t miss out on anything it offers. Our godliness impacted everyone who crossed our path. We walked on water, moved mountains, and raised the dead. We gave it everything we had and wasted nothing. 

Faith living is our forte. Let’s own this thing people! We were reBorn to Live, you might say.



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