My Mom Invented Pantyhose


When I was a young girl, we lived in Milwaukee, WI. The neighborhood was a European hodge-podge of people of Italian, Polish, Irish and German descent. Most of the families living there that I recall had anywhere from 6 to 12 children.

This meant that there were always A LOT of children outside playing. It was safe enough for 5 and 6-year-olds to walk down the street on their own, whether it was day or night, to Casey’s candy store where they would fill their faces with a quarter’s worth of sugary sweets.

With the kids outside playing, I assume that all the other mothers were just like mine. They were inside by themselves cleaning, ironing, cooking, canning, washing dishes and laundry. Oh and definitely sewing too.

My mother loved to sew. Most of my wardrobe up until the fifth grade was made by my mom. Even my underpants. I said, EVEN MY UNDERPANTS! She had a talent that few have today but since a lot of my friends were also wearing Simplicity pattern #9186, I never thought twice about it.

I’m not sure if it was a location thing or an era thing but my mom had few friends that she would see during the week. My parents had lots of friends they’d get together with on the weekend and there were families in the neighborhood that we would all hang out with too. But during the week and on her own my mother didn’t have her go to ladies.

She didn’t have a support system of women who listened and encouraged. She didn’t have a tribe that was ready to go to battle for her. Those who would convince her that she could conquer the world. So it isn’t surprising really that her name isn’t a household one.

It should be though, I mean the woman seriously invented the pantyhose. She took our underwear and sewed single nylons on to them to make it easier to get them on and keep them from falling down. My mom was innovative and smart. She saw a problem and solved it. And with a tribe of women encouraging her to market her product she may have been a millionaire today.

That’s what friends do for us, for good or bad they can change the course of our life. 

We all need 2 or 3 women in our life that will be a Godly influence. We need women that can be our strength, our wisdom, and even our humor when we are running on empty. We need to find friends that we love and love us; other women who care deeply enough to be honest with us and hurt for us when we hurt. We need friends who can get us to laugh at ourselves when we’re being ridiculous. I’m talking about 2 or 3 women who will get on their knees and pray for us through the night if need be. Women who once you’ve met them, you can’t imagine doing life without them.

I’m not pretending this is easy, because it isn’t.

It took decades for me to find my tribe. What I learned through those years is that we’re all just pretending that we’re fine. And we really, really need each other.

So I’m going to suggest that you make it your goal in 2016 to believe that God loves you beyond words. Believe that He loves you so much that you can finally get vulnerable with other women. Because there is something absolutely wonderful about opening up your life only to find that there are actually others out there just as weird as you are.



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