On Aging and Insecurity

Have you ever been so desperately in need of furniture that you purchased it on one of those pay plans that promise No Interest or Payments for 72 Months! And then you find yourself still making payments on furniture that fell apart years ago.

Yeah, me neither!

But if you did, every time that you make that payment you want to kick yourself in the teeth for not having the foresight to realize that, of course, buying anything this way is a terrible idea. The easy way always turns into the hard way!

That scenario, to me, is basically an analogy for aging.

Years of no foresight have taken its toll and I’m paying the price now. Years of eating Doritos and Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream for dinner. Years of lathering up with baby oil to spend the entire summer in the glaring sun. Just a few examples of years of abusing my body with no thought for the future. Years.

And if you add it all up, them there’s a whole lot o’ years.

I now have the most amazing turkey neck – if they were ever considered amazing. Age spots. Cellulite. Bingo wings. The list goes on. And the store manager won’t do a thing about it. No refunds, no returns.

“You signed the contract, you enjoyed the spoils and now its time to pay the piper.”

Mean old piper!

It’s like our youth is this borrowed commodity and we don’t even know it until its gone and it’s time to pay up. Worse, it seems the more you enjoyed your youth the higher the payments. And folks, I lived it up!

Looking in the mirror is almost terrifying. Daily I am ever more disappointed with what I see.

But ya know, if I don’t watch TV and I don’t look at any magazines, if I avoid the mirror and most of the internet, if I just live with my people who don’t seem all that bothered with how badly I’m falling apart then I don’t think about it much either. Then life is just good.

And I go on feeling like I’m still a 29-year-old that wears size 4 jeans. It’s strange how that works.

I find that I compare myself to the make-believe world on television, magazines, and even Facebook. But people, real life, face-to-face, living people aren’t really all that perfect after all. And if we can all just accept that, stop pretending and open up about our struggles, even allow our warts to show, wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier for all of us? Anyone?

We need each other. It’s what life, really living, is all about. And based on what my mirror tells me, I better get to living while I can.

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