One More Reason to Find Your People

Have you heard all the talk about “purpose” lately? Or maybe you’re the one with the word purpose on your lips. Maybe you’re feeling as though you haven’t found your purpose and you’d love to know why you’re here and what you’re supposed to be doing for the Kingdom.

So many of us feel that our purpose is elusive while we quietly hope that we’ve been created to do something amazing and inspiring.

I fell into this trap years ago and the thought completely consumed me. I read this verse, or misread I guess you could say.

Not that I have already obtained all this,
have already been made perfect,

but I press on to take hold of that
for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.

Philippians 3:12

This scripture told me that there was a reason that Christ took hold of me, a purpose if you will. A purpose that, in my mind, must be fulfilled before I die or I had wasted this one life I was given; accomplish it or God would be mad at me.

I became consumed with finding out what my purpose was. Why did God save me? Was there some secret plan that I needed to uncover? Did it involve my marriage? My children? My gifts or talents? Should I be searching to discover God’s plan for my life or would it be revealed to me? Through a trial or better, maybe in a dream?

I continued to ask God constantly. And He continued to remain silent.

Then in 2001 on a sunny, peaceful February morning in Scottsdale, Arizona after years of begging God for His guidance on the subject, I sat outside on the patio reading my Bible. I (again) began obsessing over this question? 

Being the emotional woman I often am with God, I spent a time that morning crying. Actually I was sobbing, sniffling, wiping tears and most likely boogers, even gasping for air a bit – I love me some drama now and then – and finally God took pity on me and answered.

I am NOT making this up.

With my Bible open on my lap, I looked up to a breathless sky and cried loudly, “Why did you save me? What is my purpose?” I immediately felt a wind rush past my face. I opened my eyes. I looked down to see multiple pages in my Bible flip over, then stop. I was now in the book of Job and I noticed nothing other than the words staring up at me, “Bear with me a little longer and I will show you” (Job 36:2a). Those are the only words that I saw on the entire page.

Not quite the answer for which I’d hoped.

Since then I have accomplished no grand or glorious thing. 

I have only –  walked by faith and not by sight when life made no sense; fought for my marriage even when it got difficult; raised three wonderful, God-loving adults; lead people to faith in Christ and into the freedom that is found there. I have lived, hopefully, to the glory of my Maker, day-by-day, moment-by-moment in the mundane.

And I have dreamed.

Dreamed of bigger things while being faithful in the small.

And if you’re like me then you’ll probably want to hear what I’ve come to believe.

Whatever we emotionally connect with can become our purpose. It’s up to each of us.

For example, someone whose life is touched by disease makes awareness or prevention their goal.

Once we fall in love with the tiny human inside of us or the beautiful face of our child to be adopted, motherhood almost always becomes our purpose for that season.

We don’t have to wait for our purpose to find us. We can choose what to be emotionally attached to. It may be something we already love doing. It may be something small and easy or grand and impossible. It just needs to be something that deeply resonates with us.

Our purpose or calling shouldn’t have to be defended to others. If it lines up with Scripture and we know that God is pleased then that’s all the approval we need to make it ours. 

Emotional attachment can not happen without vulnerability. Therefore finding your purpose starts with vulnerability. But only be vulnerable with people you trust. Only share your dreams with those who actually live by faith. All others will steal your faith. Whether they mean to or not, they will be used by the enemy to make you doubt yourself. 

Look for encouragers. Find adventurers, risk-takers, and dreamers. Team up with visionaries who live by bold faith. Make them your people and be the same for others like you.

Be vulnerable, step out in faith, and share what you love with others who dream. Whatever it may be.

You can’t even imagine how far a little mustard seed of faith will take you.



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