• Called: A Firebrand - The page 159 "special note" says it all. Start there and you will begin to see the Holy Spirit's message, given to you through the faith and talent of one woman. A woman I suspect has been a writer her whole life but is just now compelled to share with the world, because of the importance of the message. Get your journal and Bible and dig in.

    Lisa G. Wife, Mom, Grandma
  • Called: A Firebrand - Filled with Wisdom! This book is filled with reminders about who we are as God's children. Spurring us on to step out in our gifting and overcome. Explanations as to why we as believers walk through trials and are refined by fire. God is making all things new and raising up His people to do great things in this generation. Be prepared to highlight every page.

    Jessie B. Artist. Owner, The Funky Farmhouse
  • Called: A Firebrand - Wow! I could go on and on! This message that Lauren was given by the Holy Spirit is one that I have felt in me my whole life! Reading the words in this book brought it to light for me! I felt as if everything I have lived and observed and felt all these years was coming together and jumping off the page at me! I pray this message gets into the hands of all those called to be a firebrand! May the firebrands in this generation rise up out of the flames with a holy passion from the Holy Spirit to set the world on fire for truth and love in Jesus Christ!

    Heather B. Founder, Truth:Freedom Ministries
  • Called: A Firebrand - I took my copy of this book to church this morning and passed it around because people have GOT to see this book. Each page could be quoted and made into a lovely FB meme. This book is for when you've come through a massive fire (real or metaphorical) and you're on the other side, still smoldering, and wondering, "Now what?"

    Amy P. World's Most Lovable Drama Queen
  • Called: A Firebrand - As I'm reading this book, I am being encouraged and more fire is being lit under me! I wish I could gift this to so many people but I, unfortunately, can't. Lauren is real and raw and bold in her writing of this book and let me tell you... it will encourage, empower, and give you a boost about being a firebrand! If I tag you, I thought about you while reading this and you need it! You are a firebrand and world changer and this is written to you! Go get it today!

    Vanessa E. Founder, Lost & Found Ministries
  • Unadulterated - This is a book I highly recommend to you if you're struggling with a faithwalk that feels far more like religion than relationship. It opened my eyes to things that I believed about God. Things that were taught to me by the world rather than God himself. It is an important read.

    Ashley V. Retreat Organizer

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