Service is not a substitute for intimacy

Nor obedience.

And busy isn’t necessarily God-pleasing.

I’ve heard it, this theme I guess you would say, from a few sources now so I think I’m starting to hear what the Lord is telling me.

Recently at a Christian women’s networking launch one of the speakers talked about our need to be still before the Lord. That we need to take the time to just sit, to not talk, not ask, just be with God. (Psalm 46:10)


Few of us are good at this. Even with those who we can see, it can be hard to just be with them. Not talk, not pretend, not control, just be.

When we can just be with God we can experience His life-giving presence and our perspective often changes.

…new visions because the vision that the Lord is birthing through you is moving you into a whole new realm of revelation, encounter, increase, creativity and breakthrough for your life and for those that you will minister to.   – Lana Vawser

I touched on this in my book, Unadulterated, but I think God is still pushing the theme, so I will too.

I think women especially need to hear that it’s ok to be still.

Service can be addictive and to our detriment, if we derive from it what we are supposed to be getting from God… our worth.

It’s addictive because service often gives us comfort, confidence, value, and security. Serving will often take the place of God in our lives when only serving with God, co-laboring with Him is the work that is of any value to the Kingdom. Co-laboring with God will be rewarded but serving as a substitute for intimacy, whether we realize it or not, is detrimental to our faith walk.

I clearly see God’s timing in His teaching. As Allmother Project is nearing launch, we’re about to ask women to come alongside us and serve children in Texas. We have to keep this in mind. Every program and every training should be centered around our intimacy with Holy Spirit first, and then our love for others. He is the source because we can’t give what we don’t have.

This is the reason we want to do things differently. We plan to create a community of women who are filled and led by the Holy Spirit. A community that encourages and cares for each other. This is biblical. We are really called to care for the body of Christ, our family, first. Think of what it would look like to the world if everyone who claimed the name of Christ truly loved each other? If no one lived in want because we sacrificed for each other? If no one lived in fear because we protected each other? And no one lived in pain because our prayers were as much for others as ourselves?

I love to dream about the church today looking like the first-century church but as of late dreaming is no longer enough. It’s time to step out and be what I dream of and ask others to join me.

My hope is that the Allmother Project will change the lives and destinies of thousands of children in Texas, that it will be the catalyst to bring revival to families, and that the women involved will step out as leaders and share their strength and softness knowing these are both part of the unique creation God designed them to be.

My prayer is that the Allmother Project will transform me along with everyone else it touches.


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