They Can Keep Their Curse

Before I came to know the hope that Jesus offered,  I was a businesswoman. I ran my own publishing company. I had ten to twelve employees, a business partner, and made a lot of money. Sadly, I spent most of that money on both running the business and satisfying my Mountain Dew addiction.

I would leave home each morning where a sweet, Spanish-speaking nanny would love on my children for me. My husband and I both couldn’t imagine a way to pay our mounting number of bills other than to have both of us go to work. To be completely honest, I never really wanted to stay at home. I could not imagine being fulfilled by being a stay-at-home mom. I was accustomed to being in the workforce which I believed was freedom.  My career gave me my identity and made me, me.

I also liked to be in control of my own schedule. I wasn’t ready to sacrifice my time, efforts, or plans for anyone. Especially not for tiny, whiney, demanding people. Life was about me, my needs and my wants.

It took a while for me to realize that it wasn’t possible to be that selfish and a good mom at the same time.

I probably just thought the way I was told to think by society though. Television, magazines, and movies have a tremendous influence on our culture. More influence than most people are willing to admit. Hollywood is often dictating what is and isn’t normal, brainwashing us with its lies.

Feminists tell us that it is not only a woman’s right to join the workforce but we’re not really worth much of anything if we don’t. We must be highly-educated (in a secular college) and climb the corporate (or any other male-dominated) ladder in order to be successful and fulfilled as women.

But let’s use a little rebelogix on that worldview, shall we?

Labor is God’s punishment for the fall of mankind. Women must labor in childbirth pain and men must toil and labor to bring food home. Provision for the family is the man’s job, God said so. Look its right here in Genesis chapter 3 –

 17-19 He told the Man:

“Because you listened to your wife
    and ate from the tree
That I commanded you not to eat from,
    ‘Don’t eat from this tree,’
The very ground is cursed because of you;
    getting food from the ground
Will be as painful as having babies is for your wife;
    you’ll be working in pain all your life long.
The ground will sprout thorns and weeds,
    you’ll get your food the hard way,
Planting and tilling and harvesting,
    sweating in the fields from dawn to dusk,
Until you return to that ground yourself, dead and buried;
    you started out as dirt, you’ll end up dirt.”

Now I understand that for those of us who are in Christ we are no longer under the curse and God is ultimately our provider. But this world is still under a curse and we have to live in it. So I have to ask, why would women fight to join men in what was established as their punishment? Do they join us in ours? 

Once I heard truth and figured out for myself what I believed, I realized that I could find joy and fulfillment in raising a family.  I have also helped add to the family finances with a home-based business. I can do something I care about while I care for people I love. I do not have to work under the authority of a non-believer. And my husband and I are in full control of our family schedule.

But here’s the most important part, by God’s design my children are my disciples. They follow me as I follow Christ. I am not handing them over for someone else to instill wrong beliefs in them. I am loving, sacrificing, and showing them who God is and who He calls us to be. 

The bonus in this is that Jesus said, “make disciples and I will be with you.” I get more of Jesus as I follow his plan for families. There is always divine blessing in following His ways.

I’ve been able to raise my littles into adults who love the Lord their God, homeschool, and still be completely fulfilled. I think women are uniquely qualified to be entrepreneurs because of our ability to multitask. The Proverbs 31 woman rocked the whole momtrepreneur thing long before momtrepreneur was a hashtag. And her children called her blessed.

I want to encourage you to believe that you can do amazing things. Whether that means accomplishing a secret dream or focusing solely on raising world-changers. You don’t have to be out in the workforce to be somebody. You already are somebody. Your identity is not what you do in this world. Your identity is from God and it is eternal. You are exactly who God created you to be and nothing you do can change that. 



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