I didn’t know him, but from everything I’ve read, John was a serious follower of Christ. As I hear it, his knowledge that Jesus was the promised Messiah was from birth, maybe even before. Hard to believe, especially since he was born into a Jewish family. So few Jews around […]

Coming to Terms With Doubt

A house, by most, is considered an asset. For years, after losing our house in Temecula, California in 1997, purchasing another was a big part of every prayer request I sent up to the Father on my family’s behalf. I was overcome with the idea that our family needed to […]

Of Debt and Decay

I love stories. I love to read them. I love to live them. But mostly, I love to tell them. I have a terrible memory really. Sometimes that can be a good thing. It allows me to creatively fill in the missing information in my stories to make them even more interesting. […]

My Grandpa

I admit it, it took a lot longer than a minute to launch rebelogix.com. But here’s the good news – we are launched and ready to serve the Lord! I would love for you to check us out  on the website, facebook page, and other social media channels that you use. […]

Maybe a minute was hopeful thinking

I know I just started this blog. It’s probably too early to take a break. But so much has happened in the last few months; I can’t even begin to explain all that God is doing in me. I’ve been blogging on and off for a decade. There have been seasons […]

Just Give Me a Minute

Thirsty and I didn’t even know it. It began with a realization in church one day and a quiet, barely even whispered prayer. As I was looking around it dawned on me that so many of my fellow church-goers were deep in communion with God, they were emotional during worship, […]

I Was Thirsty

Am I the only introvert who has extroverted, or as they like to call themselves – normal, friends? Probably not. I’m thinking it might not have been the best idea for me to have befriended so many from this people group. They tend to look at me as if I […]

I’m Not Depressed, I’m Just an Introvert

to become a Grandma. I am so excited to be Ama to my new little grandson. Boy are we gonna have us some fun. I also took my youngest back up to college in Dallas during that week. I have mixed emotions when I think about the whole my-daughter-is-4-hours-away thing. […]

I took a week off…

Hi Joanna! Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Lauren and I am a big fan of your television show, Fixer Upper. I watched every episode until we recently decided to get rid of cable. Fixer Upper is one of the few quality shows that cable has to offer. We […]

An open letter to Joanna Gaines