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I've been married to Julian for 29 years. I fell in love with Jesus in March of 1996, just after having our third child. Niko, Kyle, and Chloe are now all Jesus-loving adults. Thanks to Niko and his beautiful wife, Trayce, I get to be Ama to the two best grandbabies ever created.

Words That Are Just So Me

Firebrand, Jesus Chaser, Passionate Worshipper, Word Lover, Storyteller, Quipster

Possible Addictions

Black Coffee. Dark Chocolate. Cheesecake. Laughter. Irish Wit. And Commas.

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Hi, I’m Lauren Stoenescu, and I am so happy you’ve visited me today.


I hope to help others see that they are capable of living and loving like Jesus – walking in miracles and bringing the Kingdom of heaven to all they meet – when they accept that this type of abundant life is already, fully theirs in Christ.

I am passionate about faith in Jesus and the transformation it brings. The best decision I ever made was over twenty years ago when I surrendered all I was to Him. His love has never failed me. As I become all God created me to be, I am thrilled that the Lord allows me to co-labor with Him to build His Kingdom by bringing others deeper into His overwhelming, relentless love.


Called: A Firebrand

It's time the Church recognizes those persevering through the greatest trials as those with the greatest potential. It's time we see ourselves that way. The Lord is looking for full surrender and holiness from His church and His Firebrands are called to speak this truth boldly. Firebrands are the church's unique creatives. They are prophetic discerners. They have endured fiery trials to become fire starters. And the church needs them now, more than ever.

Called: A Firebrand by Lauren Stoenescu

What is a Firebrand?

There are two very different definitions and together they describe a unique type of person.

The First Definition

A piece of burning wood, pulled from the flames to start other fires.

The Second Definition

A person who is passionate about a particular cause, typically inciting change and taking radical action.

Are you a Firebrand?

Have you endured difficult hardships but find yourself more in love with Jesus than ever? Do you know down deep that you were created with a significant purpose? Are you a visionary, a big dreamer, fully convinced that you were set apart for such a time as this? If you've answered yes to these questions, you may just be a Firebrand of God.

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